Innovative Investment Vehicles

The company’s key investment products are offered through its investment schemes, being the Technology and Emerging Agri & Tourism Incubation Fund (“TEATI Fund”) and the Business Renaissance Fund.

Investments into these funds take the form of an association and co-investment arrangements in which participating investors make investments.
Ombu Capital has the internal capacity as well as the networks and credibility to co-ordinate input from specialized service providers, as and when required to ensure success of the investment schemes.

Ombu Capital renders investment advisory and administrative services to these Funds in accordance with the management agreements entered into between Ombu Capital and the Investors.

Whilst the TEATI Fund is in the form of a venture capital focused on start-ups and young enterprises with potential for scaling, the Business Renaissance Fund is focused on established businesses with potential for improved financial performance and growth.

The Objectives of the Funds

Support the creation of emerging enterprises focused on new technology and innovation;

Provide a credible structure for the pooling and the channeling of funds, packaged with technical and mentorship assistance, to help strengthen the capacity of entrepreneurs in the technology, agriculture, tourism and manufacturing sectors;

Provide long-term flexible finance, complemented by formal technical assistance packages so as to scale these into sustainable businesses;

Provide diversification opportunities to the investors, in terms of an asset class with little correlation to the listed equity market.

The package of the technical support can be structured as part of the funding encompassing a mentorship programme that will be available on a formal basis to assist investee businesses to improve their operational efficiency, growth plans and financial performance.

The assistance includes accounting support, business process re-engineering and automation, marketing & branding, market & business development, budgeting and operational efficiency reviews, cash flow forecasting and management, distribution logistics, stock and debtor’s management.