The Company

Get to know Ombu Capital

Ombu Capital is a Namibia-based, privately held company focusing on the acquisition, development and growth of businesses with a particular focus on the Technology, Agri-business, Tourism and Manufacturing sectors.

“Ombu” means water fountain in the Otjiherero language, and like a fountain, Ombu Capital aspires to be the reservoir of hope, longevity and renewal.

Ombu Capital was founded to assume the role of an engaged investor, working collaboratively with entrepreneurs in the implementation of strategies that would unlock value by building businesses to scale and creating real, durable, growing enterprises.

Ombu Capital invests in start-ups and scalable small-and-medium size enterprises with promising technology and innovative business concepts with a transformative impact.

Our vision

To become a pre-eminent investment and business services company.

Our purpose

We see it as our mission to be a hub and co-ordinating platform for entrepreneurial innovation and incubation, focusing on strategic, high value sectors with potential for digital transformation and disruption.