Value Proposition

Delivered through key business focus areas

Strategy Advisory

We provide companies and policy makers with niche strategy advisory services that include:

  • strategy facilitation
  • strategy development
  • business repositioning
  • business rescue
  • business optimization
  • business process re-engineering
  • digital transformation journeys
  • micro-economic research
  • sectoral reviews

Capital Raising and Business Broking

We provide assistance to companies to raises capital, and services relating to debt and funding (re)structuring. In addition, we provide broking services to buyers and sellers of businesses with assistance in respect of valuations, due diligence and business analysis.

Investment Management

We make own investments into other companies and provide investment management services to co-investors.

Our company’s key investment products are offered through two investment schemes, being the Technology and Emerging Agri & Tourism Incubation Fund (“TEATI Fund”) and the Business Renaissance Fund.

Ombu Capital invests on own-account, but also raise capital from other investors such as pension funds, insurance companies and individuals through investment clubs.

Priority Sectors