Investment Philosophy

Fostering entrepeneurship in Namibia

Our belief is that Namibia needs a stronger entrepreneurship and innovation culture, especially in the most impactful sectors of technology, agri- business, tourism and manufacturing.

It is imperative that we foster a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in the economy, and create jobs and vibrancy in the country.
Investments in these sectors will need more than just funding. They will need partnerships, mentorships, credible soundboards and experienced providers of technical and business expertise.

Our investment philosophy is underpinned by our core values of: Respect, Transparency, Trust and Partnership.

We focus on starting, growing and acquiring businesses with high growth potential with the aim of long-term capital appreciation, supporting them with growth and disciplined management. Investments are made in companies where Ombu Capital can add value through involvement in strategic direction and the provisioning of technical support to the investee companies.

Criterion Breakdown

Preferred Equity Position
26% - 75% shareholding

Investment Period
Investments with a time horizon of at least 8-10 years

Investment Size
Ranging from N$0.5m to N$50m, structured as either debt and/or equity